Health Mate Fitness Level – Health Mate App vs Apple Watch

Health mate fitness level improvement tips

These days every type of fitness or wellness tracker has its own measurement to tell you how fit you are. Usually this is some variation of a cardio, weight, or nutrition rating bundled into one number and compared across groups. The Health Mate Fitness score is no different. It appears in the popular Health Mate … Read more

Cue Health Review – At home Covid test accuracy, cost, and ease of use

Cue reader and test kit

How accurate are Cue Health Tests for at home Covid tests? For an at home test, a review needs to consider both the ease of use and how accurate are the results of the test. 96%! That’s the effectiveness of the Cue Health at home Covid kit effectiveness (according to the FDA filing). That’s also … Read more

Customize A Google Sheet For New Years Resolutions

Chart a New Years resolution in Google sheets

Tracking your personal accomplishments and wellness comes in many forms. This site has covered many apps and connected devices that help do that. But sometimes a simple solution is better.  One of the easiest ways to track your wellness is with a simple notebook. A simple wellness tracking Google sheet takes the old pen and … Read more