Comparing Body Composition Techniques – DexaFit, Amazon Halo, and Withings Body+Scale

Amazon halo body fat scan

One of the most common devices used to track wellness at home is a standard scale. These days a simple and reliable scale can be picked up for around $10 online. But weight is only a symptom of other indicators when tracking wellness. Of course there are deluxe versions of scales that run well over … Read more

Vivoo Review – At Home Urinalysis for Hydration and Diet Insights

Vivoo test strips on white background

Vivoo As A Wellness App Vivoo began as a specialized testing tool for urinalysis, with little else it could do. Over time it has morphed into trying to be the one place to manage overall wellness. This includes aggregating step counts, sleep data, and heart rate. While a majority of the app features are still … Read more

Withings BPM Connect Review – Smart Blood Pressure Cuff

BPM connect blood pressure cuff

The ability to get accurate readings from any connected tracker is critical, especially so for one of your vital statistics. If you have ever gotten your blood pressure taken in a “traditional fashion”, with a health professional quietly listening to  stethoscope of your arm while watching a dial on a manual arm pump drop, you’ll … Read more

Lumen Review – Tracking Metabolism

Everyday you give away mountains of data without any benefit. Each time you exhale, the makeup of your breath contains a mountain of information about how your body is working. Lumen, the metabolism tracking device, uses  carbon dioxide measurements in your breath, CO2, to gauge what your body is processing. This measurement can be used … Read more

How much can you make? Achievement App Review

Setting up Strava, Apple Watch, and health mates with achievement app

Make passive money from your step tracker! Update: The Achievement app has changed names to Evidation. It’s still mostly the same but with a slightly different focus. If you want to see how much you can make from Evidation check out the review.  My last payment from achievement was November 29th. Today, on January 30, … Read more

Vessel Health Review – At Home Tests for Nutrition, Hydration, and Wellness

Unboxing Vessel Health

The App and Daily Pee Test with 3 Minute Results – A Full Review Vessel Health is a wellness company that uses at home urine tests to provide insights into diet, nutrition, and performance. They focus on recommendations for supplements and personalized nutrition plans that can be used to influence markers that appear in pee … Read more