Top 14 Strava Extensions For Displaying Your Activity Data

toolbox for strava distance ranking for cycling

From simple fitness trackers to complete training tools, there is a small mountain of options to help manage the data you create with each workout. Apple Health Kit and the Apple Watch have handy rings that wearers are encouraged to clsoe every day, health mate has a fitness score that closely relates to Vo2 max, … Read more

Tracking Paddle Boarding On Apple Watch and Strava

Stand up paddle boarder in Dana point harbor California

On a Paddle board, to “track” is to keep a straight line which often is an efficient method of moving forward. But “tracking” is a verb for this but often also means to just track a Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) workouts. This can include distance, time spent, number of strokes, calories burned, as well … Read more

Elevate For Strava Review – Chrome Extension for Additional Strava Insights

elevate for strava annual tracking

We recently reviewed the Strava fitness score, to see how it measures up as a useful metric to track fitness and wellness. After sharing the article on forums a number of users pointed out that there are Chrome extensions that provide similar in depth analysis of your Strava data, without having to get a Strava … Read more

What is A Good Strava Fitness Score?

2 year strava fitness score

Each major fitness tracker device or training tracking system seems to have its own rating for an overall fitness level. For Withings it is their Health Mate Fitness Score, Google Fit has Heart Points, and for Apple Watch it is the VO2 Max. For Strava they have two versions including a Fitness Score and a … Read more

Measuring Weekly Hours Trained with Strava

Strava weekly training hours total chart

For multi sport training, especially triathlon training, logging time in a discipline is important. Even for just a single sport, like running, having time spent at a low level of intensity can greatly improve too end performance. For some training plans workouts are dictated in time, not distance or pace, as a way to ensure … Read more