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The Best Time To Plant a Tree – Start Monitoring Your Wellness Now

When To Start Tracking Wellness To See Improvements

There is a saying, that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the second best time to plant one is right now. Some things take time to pay off, and tracking your health and wellness is certainly one of them. Much of what you can track about your wellness is a habit, or lifestyle, and although you can make a change in a day (and every day of good habits helps) the real benefit comes over a lifetime. This is why it is so important to track issues with your health and wellness.

Knowing how many steps you take today can set a baseline that intuitively will let you know when you are being more sedentary. Finding out your average calories eaten can influence you to make decisions to eat better right now. Paying attention to the metrics that your doctor tracks at an annual visit will help you know when something changes, and changes are often indications of underlying issues.

If you have a baseline, it will be easier to notice correlations in changes too. If you wake up feeling a bit sluggish, and also notice that your average heart rate is higher than normal it may be a first indicator of illness that would otherwise go unnoticed. Seeing that your sleep patterns have gotten worse while also seeing that diet tracking tells you the consumption of caffeine is shooting up makes it easier to understand what you can cut out to improve that sleep.

Many people will start tracking at the beginning of the year, or month. This is typical and there are benefits to having it. Even if you wind up stopping tracking after a month, having annual data each January will still provide insights on the improvements or changes year to year. Do not be discouraged if you wind up making the same resolution every year – just do what you can to find your new baseline for the year!

Why Should I Monitor More Than Just Steps?

Beyond deciding when to start tracking wellness, the next question is what to track. Many people start tracking because they bought a new device, were given a tracker as a gift, or even heard a recommendation from a health professional. The simple answer to why you should track more, is because you can. It used to be that step trackers were the only easily available 

Charts Of things to measure wellness
There is no shortage of things you can track about your wellness. This site is dedicated to identifying what you can track, discussing the tools available to help track them, and ultimately highlighting the behaviors you can influence to lead a healthier lifestyle. Monitoring metrics lets you see how daily habits influence each item, and as they say, what is measured matters. So let’s get to discussing how and what you can measure to maintain your physical and mental wellness.

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