About PWT – Personal Wellness Tracking

Pillars of Wellness Tracking

A Well-rounded Body Is One That Is Watched, Monitored, Rested, and Tested

We have a simple philosophy at Personal Wellness Tracking, that what’s measured is what matters. Many people find that tracking their calories, diligently, has helped them control their body weight but that is only the tip of the tracking world. In recent years common step trackers have also made strides (all puns intended), with many people using the Fitbit, Apple Watch, or others to see how many steps they take in a day. There again, a simple metric of trying to hit 10,000 steps in a day seems to be a common goal for people trying to stay active. We however want to go a few layers deeper, and track as many parts of the the body, and mind, as possible.

This site offers insights into first hand experience with everything from common calorie counting apps, at-home blood tests, physical performance med centers, and more. We attempt to focus on metrics that can be controlled through daily habits, lifestyle changes, or in other ways. Ultimately, the goal is to find a balance of staying active and engaged in order to take advantage of all sorts of amazing life experiences.

To learn more take a look around. If you are interested in any of our articles, learning more about a test of product you see here, or want to see us uncover a new metric (be it from your device, or one you are interested in) go ahead and reach out.


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Physical Wellness

Tracking the output is key. How far do you run, how many rope skips can you do, what type of weight of you lifting. Wellness isn’t just about going for broke on every ride, run, lift, but also about recovering well with massages, stretching, and base building to maximize performance.

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Mind Body Connection

Do you need help staying motivated and reaching your wellness goals? Tracking your output can do wonders for inspiring motivation when one area might be seeing a plateau.

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Fuel Your Body

Drink water, eat good foods. 

That’s the simple version, and for the most part it works. Knowing what goes in can help find out what “good” means, but also identify what types of supplements can help as well.