Discovering Strava. A tool for Training & Tracking!

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Stying on top of your training can be difficult, especially with so many stats to track. There are a number of popular tools to help keep track of everything, including one of the industry leaders Strava. Check out all the topics we have covered on the app that has more than 100 Million members.

Training in Watopia with Zwift

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Beyond tracking there are a number of great training tools and devices that help you maek the most of both technology and metrics. Zwift, the leader in virtual world training, is one of our favorite tools. We cover everything from how to level up your XP (experience points), the best of the virtual world to explore, and tips for building the best training setup for cycling and training with the risk of bad weather or other traffic!

The Journey of Coaching Youth Sports: Tips & Insights

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Beyond staying active themselves, many of you are parents who wind up coaching or training a younger generation. We cover some of the common topics that pop up for volunteer youth coaches including:

Making the Most of Apple Watch & Fitness Trackers

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To build the best insights into your wellness, activity, and health, there are a number of great fitness trackers available. We tend to focus primarily on the ones we wear every day (and night!) which is the Apple Watch. Each device has it’s own flavor of metrics that are worth diving into to best understand.