What is a “Pain Cave” in Triathlon Training

what is a triathlon pain cave

The pain cave is not a physical location, but rather a state of mind—one that every triathlete encounters during intense training sessions. It’s that moment when your muscles ache, your lungs burn, and your mind starts to question why you ever decided to take up this sport. It’s where you push past your limits, confront … Read more

Track Cycling – Sample Session at Olympic Venue Velodrome in Los Angeles

LA Olympics Site Velodrome

As a amateur adult athlete I have tried a number of events over the years including short and long distance triathlons, road running races, ultramarathon trail races, and even obstacle races. Still, one style of racing that always looked amazing was track cycling. Track cycling is an olympic sport but otherwise is not super popular … Read more

Tasty Nutrition for Endurance Races – Tailwind Review

tailwind review and make your own

Spend any time with distance runners or cyclists and the conversation will turn to what to eat. For at athletes in training, the struggle to figure out what to eat during their long workouts is real. This article covers many of those struggles, including one of the more popular solutions we have tried, Tailwind Endurance. … Read more