Garmin Data Deep Look – Stress, VO2 Max and Body Battery

Wearables and fitness trackers are a huge industry and even a few years ago more than 20% of the population was using them. With continued growth in the market this number has no doubt gone up, which makes understanding the metrics and data provided by our fitness devices becomes a more crucial matter. Among the … Read more

Tasty Nutrition for Endurance Races – Tailwind Review

tailwind review and make your own

Spend any time with distance runners or cyclists and the conversation will turn to what to eat. For at athletes in training, the struggle to figure out what to eat during their long workouts is real. This article covers many of those struggles, including one of the more popular solutions we have tried, Tailwind Endurance. … Read more

Great Places to Run in New Orleans

New Orleans is a beautiful and historic city. The vibrant conference scene and plentiful festivals make it a popular visitor city, especially considering that the population is less than 500,000. For runners the low elevation (below sea level) and lack of hills make for an ideal place to get a run in. The weather during … Read more