OC Triathlon Race Report (2023) – A 30 minute PR!

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Race Info What: OC Triathlon Olympic Distance (Prior course review here) When: April 30, 2023 Where: Lake Mission Viejo, Mission Viejo California Goals: Goal Description Completed A PR (3:13:32) Yes B Break 3 Hours Yes C Break 2:45 Yes (2:42:29) Bonus Qualify for Age Group nationals (Top 35% in age group) Yes Background I ran … Read more

Popular Fitness Based Challenges

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These days, with so many influencers trying new fitness challenges, it seems like every day there is a new way to test your performance and fitness. Fitness challenges are a great way to motivate yourself to get in shape and achieve your fitness goals. There are many different types of fitness challenges available, so you … Read more

6U Soccer Drills That Work

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For nearly all 6U soccer coaches being a coach will be a new experience. With young players still getting into the game, and teams being led by parents and family members with limited or no coaching background, running useful drills can be difficult. There are ways to accelerate learning as a coach, including those we … Read more

Air Compression Leg Massager Review

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Recently I started a new training program, for a triathlon, which has dialed up how much time I am spending cycling or running. With that has come a lot of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and general leg tiredness. This has required a complementing uptick in things like stretching, massages, and strength training to avoid … Read more

Must Have Gear For A Youth Soccer Coach

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Coaching a youth soccer team can range in terms of responsibility. At the younger ages most volunteer coaches are simply managing crowd control while trying to keep players engaged with practice or a match. As the players progress coaches can get wrapped up in teaching techniques, game flow, strategy, and handling emotions across a team. … Read more

Youth Soccer Coaches Gift Ideas

kids playing 6u and 5u soccer

Leading a group of 5u, 6u, or 8 year olds through a season of practice is no small feat. Youth soccer coaches do not sign up for the glory or leading a team, but instead for the chance to be involved with their kid’s development and hopefully impart some great lessons to others. Still, many … Read more