Add Peloton Rides To A Google Calendar

Peloton add to calendar button from desktop

With so many things to keep track of in a busy life, scheduling a workout can help maintain a workout schedule. For organized classes, like those on a Peloton membership, adding planned events to a Google Calendar or iCal this can be difficult. Peloton used to offer an option to automatically create a calendar event … Read more

Amazon Halo Rise Sleep Tracking – A review from a Halo user

amazon halo rise sleep tracker on a black background

Amazon Halo Rise Sleep Tracking Accuracy The big question with any sleep tracker is related to its accuracy and how it measures sleep states. So how accurate is the Amazon Halo Rise for tracking sleep states? The answer is that it has the potential to be pretty good, especially compared to other techniques. The Halo … Read more

Sync A Team Snap Schedule to Google Calendar or Apple Calendar

Creat a calendar for multiple teams in team snap

Keeping all activities straight can be hard for any player, parent, or athlete. If using a team management app like Team Snap you can sync a team calendar to your preferred main calendar. This helps cut down on any issues and ensures that if there are schedule changes mid season that your calendar is automatically … Read more

Maximize OnTheGoMap for Finding Run Distances and Route Planning

onthegomap for NYC highline route vs a strava heat map of the city

Want to answer the question “How Far Did I Run” or plan out a new route for a run, walk, or hike. If so you have likely found On The Go Map or other similar services. The idea behind these types of app is that you should be able to just click points on Google … Read more

Hydration Backpacks vs. Running Vests – Which To Wear

hand held water bottle for running

Recently our tried and true running vest broke down. After years of use, and lots of time sitting in a hot garage drying out from sweat, mud, and rain, the material finally broke down and ripped apart. With the average summer temperatures easily in the mid 80s, and most of our mid-day runs cresting over … Read more