Triathlon Coaching

From remote managed training plans to understanding the best gear, having a coach to support the triathlon journey can make a huge difference in your triathlon journey.

Empowering Goal Oriented Triathletes: A Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy centers on creating a supportive and encouraging environment where new and developing triathletes can thrive. I believe that triathlon training should be a journey of self-development and is ultimately a challenge against your past and future self.

Through personalized training plans and technique analysis, I guide athletes to achieve their goals, whether it’s completing their first triathlon or reaching a personal best. To ensure progress and celebrate milestones, I utilize the power of goal setting and objective feedback. We work together to establish clear, measurable goals that are specific, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART goals) that are based on current training techniques and your personal background.

Training tracking tools and wearable technology become valuable allies in this process. By monitoring key metrics like pace, distance, and heart rate, we can assess progress towards goals and adjust the training plan accordingly. This data-driven approach fosters confidence and motivation, keeping athletes engaged and excited about their triathlon journey.

Meet Coach Chris

My name is Chris and I have been racing triathlons for more than 20 years including sprint events, off-road events, and longer 70.3 road races in addition to marathon and ultra-marathon runs. This experience of interacting with the triathlon community and lessons picked up from each new event serve the basis of goal to help others achieve their goals in triathlon.

I am still an active racing, participating in multiple events a year. In addition my focus on the sport includes serving as a USA Triathlon Race Official, leading a corporate team as a captain, and researching new technology and products that benefit the support. Many of the learnings from this research are shared on this site!

Riding in a pain cave in the garage on an indoor zwift trainer

I am based in Orange County California but take pride in being able to share information, instruction, and training plans remotely to athletes wherever they are.

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