Garmin Data Deep Look – Stress, VO2 Max and Body Battery

Wearables and fitness trackers are a huge industry and even a few years ago more than 20% of the population was using them. With continued growth in the market this number has no doubt gone up, which makes understanding the metrics and data provided by our fitness devices becomes a more crucial matter. Among the … Read more

Active Vs. Total Calories on Apple Watch and Fitness Trackers

active calories vs total calories

Understanding the dynamics of caloric intake and expenditure is vital to achieving and maintaining a healthy physical state. Some people refer to this as “CICO” or Calories In Calories Out, as a way to manage weight loss. While tracking Calories In can be done by monitoring diet, which itself has challenges we’ve covered in our … Read more

Comparing Whoop and Apple Watch

In today’s tech-driven world, wearable devices have revolutionized our approach to health and fitness. Two notable players in this field are Whoop and Apple Watch, each carving out a unique user experience with a plethora of features. We have covered the Apple Watch here extensively, including a look at everything from the VO2 max accuracy … Read more