Track Weight Lifting And Reps with 11 Apple Watch Apps

traditional strength training apple watch screen

The Apple Watch is one of the leading wearables for monitoring all sorts of daily activities. While many users already monitor the standard stats, like exercise minutes, stand hours, and estimated calories, there is much more that the watch can help with. One of those items is gym activities and weight lifting. Even though there … Read more

PÜL Hydration Review – A Smart Water Bottle to Stay Hydrated

We are no strangers here to using smart devices. Everything from tracking steps with a smart watch, monitoring long term VO2 max during training, and analyzing urine samples has been covered here. But when it comes down to it the two things that seem to have the biggest impact on general wellness are sleep and … Read more

Amazon Halo Calorie Count Accuracy and Nutrition

Amazon Halo Band On white background

The Amazon Halo band is one of the leading wearables and step trackers. While FitBit and Apple Watch make up the other major players, Halo takes Amazon’s classic approach of trying to do more through a subscription. This means that the Halo service offers more than just tracking for the bracelet wearable. Their library of … Read more