Garmin Data Deep Look – Stress, VO2 Max and Body Battery

Wearables and fitness trackers are a huge industry and even a few years ago more than 20% of the population was using them. With continued growth in the market this number has no doubt gone up, which makes understanding the metrics and data provided by our fitness devices becomes a more crucial matter. Among the … Read more

Noom App Review

noom weight loss review

Noom is not just a single app. There are two major versions of Noom, the first is a simple weight tracking and the second is a doctor monitored service called Noom Med. The upside of Noom Med is that it easy to get paid for via an FSA, while the standard Noom would still need … Read more

I Took A Galleri Early Cancer Detection Test

Galleri test kit box for grail test

We’ve reviewed a handful of over the counter screening tests here before and struggled with getting a prescription for some cancer screenings because of age limitations (45). Recently during open enrollment our benefits coverage noted that early detection cancer screenings were included. Spoiler alert, the results were all good for me, but that’s not what … Read more

Track Weight Lifting And Reps with 11 Apple Watch Apps

traditional strength training apple watch screen

The Apple Watch is one of the leading wearables for monitoring all sorts of daily activities. While many users already monitor the standard stats, like exercise minutes, stand hours, and estimated calories, there is much more that the watch can help with. One of those items is gym activities and weight lifting. Even though there … Read more

Get Better Flexibility – The Ready State App Review

the ready state mobility test results

After a sobering conversation with a running coach we finally admitted that our flexibility was bad. This was obvious since sitting cross-legged on the floor has not been possible for years. In an effort to improve mobility and flexibility, with the end goal to improve athletic performance, our coach recommended we grab the two week … Read more

PÜL Hydration Review – A Smart Water Bottle to Stay Hydrated

We are no strangers here to using smart devices. Everything from tracking steps with a smart watch, monitoring long term VO2 max during training, and analyzing urine samples has been covered here. But when it comes down to it the two things that seem to have the biggest impact on general wellness are sleep and … Read more