Easy Batting Practice Recordings – Swing Perfect Review

Swing perfect hitting app

Swing Perfect is a simple app that works for recording batting practice sessions. As a free app it is a great alternative to some of the more costly analysis options. The app itself makes it easy to analyze and improve your swing, although it leaves the exact mechanics and improvements up to you or a … Read more

Google Fit Vs Apple Health Kit – A Google Fit Review

google fit vs. apple health kit

Tracking your health and consolidating activity data can be a pain. Thankfully the major mobile device makers have each provided a solution. Those top trackers are Google Fit, Apple Health, and Samsung Health. Each of these primarily starts as a step and activity tracker on their primary device, but by diving into the details and … Read more

Trail Forks Review – Find Popular Hiking Trails

Trailforks map with a hiking segment

Finding a new place to hike can be tough. Thankfully apps like Trailforks exists to help explore safe and established trails in your area. In this Trailforks review we cover the best uses  of the app, when to do more research, and other apps to consider when planning you hike. So let’s discuss, is Trailforks … Read more

Amazon Halo Review – Tracking Steps, Sleep, and More

Amazon Halo Band On white background

Many options exist when trying to select the best daily wearable for step tracking and other wellness tracking. Each of the major tech companies now offers some form of their own wearable, including Amazon. There version is the Amazon Halo Band and Amazon View bands. While Amazon Halo Band compares well to the FitBit and … Read more

Kilter Board Review – Track Your Climbing Progress

Kilter board app screen for climbing

When training for climbing one of the ever present discussion is around what grade you climb. The difficulty is two fold, first that grades are subjective, and second that routes are so dissimilar. Each route can vary across gyms and setters, and even outdoor rock has day to day weather and conditions that influence how … Read more

Statshunter Review – Maximizing Strava Activity Data For Free

statshunter badge list

If you have been a Strava user for some time then you likely have a small mountain of useful workout data locked up on the platform. While Strava does a good job of displaying this data, and Strava Premium Subscription extends this, there are still some ways to display data that simply do not make … Read more