The Best Fitness Trackers with Amazon Alexa Integrations

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We have covered dozens of different types of fitness trackers. Standard step trackers, workout GPS trackers, scales, urine test, and loads of things in between. Each of these devices and services seems to have a slightly different way to collect and display the data. But what about if there is NOT a display. That is … Read more

Top 14 Strava Extensions For Displaying Your Activity Data

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From simple fitness trackers to complete training tools, there is a small mountain of options to help manage the data you create with each workout. Apple Health Kit and the Apple Watch have handy rings that wearers are encouraged to clsoe every day, health mate has a fitness score that closely relates to Vo2 max, … Read more

Elevate For Strava Review – Chrome Extension for Additional Strava Insights

elevate for strava annual tracking

We recently reviewed the Strava fitness score, to see how it measures up as a useful metric to track fitness and wellness. After sharing the article on forums a number of users pointed out that there are Chrome extensions that provide similar in depth analysis of your Strava data, without having to get a Strava … Read more

What is A Good Strava Fitness Score?

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Each major fitness tracker device or training tracking system seems to have its own rating for an overall fitness level. For Withings it is their Health Mate Fitness Score, Google Fit has Heart Points, and for Apple Watch it is the VO2 Max. For Strava they have two versions including a Fitness Score and a … Read more

Our Interval Timer App Recommendation – A Seconds Interval Timer Review

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When training for a triathlon most plans have a few strength workouts per week. While there are a variety of setups for these workouts, we’ve always found some combination of exercises to personally fit best. To personalize these it’s possible to just remember each or write down a short list, but using a good app … Read more

STAmina Apnea App Review for Breath Training

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Should I Train To Hold My Breath for Running, Biking, Swimming, or Triathlons? According to most sources the average person can hold their breath anywhere from 30 to 90 seconds. This is a pretty narrow range considering the world record for holding your breath is over 24 minutes. The narrow range is likely because this … Read more

Choosing a Peloton User Name to Stand Out on Leaderboards

List of good peloton usernames

What makes a good Peloton User Name? Many riders or runners who have been on a Peloton bike or treadmill have had the experience of looking at a leaderboard and being jealous of a great name. This is no different than other social media or gaming platforms that require a unique avatar name or handle. … Read more