How to Avoid Duplication of Stats When Using Multiple Health Trackers

Having a central place, a health dashboard, helps to understand information from fitness and health trackers. For most users there are a number of apps or resources they use to monitor health. Often each is for a specific primary stat, say steps taken, but might also monitor other data. Apple Health and Google Health are … Read more

How much can you make? Achievement App Review

Setting up Strava, Apple Watch, and health mates with achievement app

Make passive money from your step tracker! Update: The Achievement app has changed names to Evidation. It’s still mostly the same but with a slightly different focus. If you want to see how much you can make from Evidation check out the review.  My last payment from achievement was November 29th. Today, on January 30, … Read more

Measuring More Than What The Scale Says – Apps and Tools for Tracking Health

Chart showing two months of weight loss

  Tracking for Personal Wellness While I have always been active and generally healthy, I can honestly say that as a guy in my mid-30s my health was never a top priority. Over the years I have run half marathons, competed in triathlons, completed obstacle course races, and even taken part in some adult football, … Read more