How much can you make? Achievement App Review

Make passive money from your step tracker!

Update: The Achievement app has changed names to Evidation. It’s still mostly the same but with a slightly different focus. If you want to see how much you can make from Evidation check out the review

My last payment from achievement was November 29th. Today, on January 30, I passed 10,000 achievement points again. At 10k points you can redeem them for a PayPal credit. That means, I made $10 in just under 60 days. That comes out to about $60 per year, which is a great way to offset the pro version of Strava, about 8 at home per tests, or anything else.

This is basically all from linking my Apple Watch to achievement. I’ve also linked Strava, which sometimes winds up getting slightly more points in how long the events track. 

Achievement is an app the links to your existing personal wellness tracking apps, and rewards you with sharing the data. It also aggregates research studies that you can answer questions for to get bonus points. Each point converts to $0.001. This means that every 10k points is worth $10. 

It’s  easy to get points. Once you link you’re health trackers, like Apple workouts, Strava, MapMyRun, it just pulls in your recent activity and gives you points.

How many points can you early daily with Achievement App?

I can go weeks without checking the app. Each day you earn points for tracking heart rate, or doing a workout, burning calories, or answering surveys.

Most days that I run will result in about 150-200 points (or about $0.15-$0.20). That doesn’t seem like a lot but it means that every two months a $10 credit is earned. Over an active 60 period I earned an average of 165 points a day. At this typical pace that’s $60 cash a year.

The most time I’ve ever spent in the app is cashing stuff out which takes all of 2 minutes using PayPal.







Achievement App Link Trackers to Make Money

Linking apps is fairly easy in Acheivement. Doing this is what let’s it run in the background and make money.

Setup for GPS workout trackers feels like it should be most popular. Similarly, if you have an Apple device the health kit can automatically pull in all your updates. Unfortunately the output of  Achievement is not available in other apps. There is no easy way to pull your achievement score into another area, at least not one that is advertised.

It’s a shame this feature, an API for your score that is easily integrated,  isn’t on the Achievement App product roadmap. If it were they could become the standard, a way to track health and link it to a gamification idea that rewards users with money.

As with anything, if it is free (or in this case pays you) then you are likely the product. The monetization of Achievement, what makes them money, is not ads.

Make money with achievement app linkingThat is obvious from the lack of display ads in the App. Survey results, medical studies, and the aggregated user data have readily establish businesses. It’s possible you could be targeted based on your workouts.

Personally this doesn’t seem any more invasive, given that each of the linked data providers already have this information. At least achievement is upfront about paying you directly for your data. This makes it infinitely easier to make an informed decision about controlling your data. All in all this is a great way to earn money from something you are likely already giving away.