Elevate For Strava Review – Chrome Extension for Additional Strava Insights

elevate for strava annual tracking

We recently reviewed the Strava fitness score, to see how it measures up as a useful metric to track fitness and wellness. After sharing the article on forums a number of users pointed out that there are Chrome extensions that provide similar in depth analysis of your Strava data, without having to get a Strava … Read more

Our Interval Timer App Recommendation – A Seconds Interval Timer Review

seconds interval timer app screen

When training for a triathlon most plans have a few strength workouts per week. While there are a variety of setups for these workouts, we’ve always found some combination of exercises to personally fit best. To personalize these it’s possible to just remember each or write down a short list, but using a good app … Read more

STAmina Apnea App Review for Breath Training

Apnea breath training personal best

Should I Train To Hold My Breath for Running, Biking, Swimming, or Triathlons? According to most sources the average person can hold their breath anywhere from 30 to 90 seconds. This is a pretty narrow range considering the world record for holding your breath is over 24 minutes. The narrow range is likely because this … Read more

Apple Health App A Year in Review

Annual calories burned chart in Apple health

The point of tracking health and wellness over time is to see trends toward continued or improved wellness. Many of the metrics tracked by popular fitness trackers take time to see trends. Small daily goals, like the often touted 10,000 steps, are good for keeping habits but it’s important to build long term habits. That … Read more

Measuring Weekly Hours Trained with Strava

Strava weekly training hours total chart

For multi sport training, especially triathlon training, logging time in a discipline is important. Even for just a single sport, like running, having time spent at a low level of intensity can greatly improve too end performance. For some training plans workouts are dictated in time, not distance or pace, as a way to ensure … Read more

Evidation App review – How much can you get paid?

Evidation app points per week

The Evidation app specializes in paying you for submitting information and helping add days to health testing surveys. It used to be call The Achievement app. After setting everything up, and sharing data you are already monitoring with your favorite fitness tracker the app pays $30-$50 per year.  The Evidation app is easy to use, … Read more

Health Mate Fitness Level – Health Mate App vs Apple Watch

Health mate fitness level improvement tips

These days every type of fitness or wellness tracker has its own measurement to tell you how fit you are. Usually this is some variation of a cardio, weight, or nutrition rating bundled into one number and compared across groups. The Health Mate Fitness score is no different. It appears in the popular Health Mate … Read more