Peloton Lanebreak vs. Classes

man riding a peloton bike in a bedroom or hotel

Recently Peloton released their new gaming options to all users. Lanebreak, or Lane Break, is a series of “music inspired workouts” that incorporate simple gaming and point collection into short 5-25 minute rides. The rides use your cadence, or pedal speed, and resistance as controllers to a multi-lane virtual riding course. Over the course of … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Peloton Shoes – Clip In, Toe Cages, and Pedals

peloton shoes and cleats

So you got a Peloton bike and are ready to get started riding? For most cyclists and spin bike enthusiast the rule of thumb is to pay attention to places where you touch the bike. This means focusing on your handle bars, the Peloton pedals and cycling shoes, and the saddle. Getting these things right … Read more

Choosing a Peloton User Name to Stand Out on Leaderboards

List of good peloton usernames

What makes a good Peloton User Name? Many riders or runners who have been on a Peloton bike or treadmill have had the experience of looking at a leaderboard and being jealous of a great name. This is no different than other social media or gaming platforms that require a unique avatar name or handle. … Read more

One Hundred Mile Ride on Peloton – A Test of Endurance

Peloton 100 mile ride badge

Many Peloton riders make efforts to increase their workout count. Getting to major milestones is just plain fun. One of the more popular milestones is the 100 rides achievement. It comes with a cool badge, and Peloton even provides a t-shirt to those that make it to the milestone. But this article is not about … Read more