One Hundred Mile Ride on Peloton – A Test of Endurance

Peloton 100 mile ride badge

Many Peloton riders make efforts to increase their workout count. Getting to major milestones is just plain fun. One of the more popular milestones is the 100 rides achievement. It comes with a cool badge, and Peloton even provides a t-shirt to those that make it to the milestone. But this article is not about … Read more

The Complete Guide to Peloton Setup and Peloton Accessories and How They Can Make Riding the Bike Easier

What Accessories are Best to Have With A Peloton Bike? When first thinking about purchasing the Peloton, the price can be a deterrent. Especially since, like many things, it’s not so clear what the total cost will be once you get the “necessary” accessories. The most common accessories are shoes and mats, but there are … Read more