How to Keep A Peloton Streak Going – Which Activities Count?

Peloton is a popular exercise group and has done a good job of adding some simple gamification, as well as in depth output statistics, to a cycling program. One of the more popular badges that is given out though is the weekly streaks. To extend a streak all you have to do is take part in a just a single Peloton activity in a given week.

Guide to peloton streak label and badge for 20 weeks streak

Keeping a streak alive can become a quest by itself. For many streakers there comes a time where you have to work on the fringe of the rules, just to keep things going. If you are into scheduling you may want to review how to add a Peloton class to a calendar

What is the Easiest Peloton Event to Keep A Weekly Streak Going?

The rules of a streak are fairly easy to understand, simply log an activity each week and you’ll keep it going. Still, there are hints to help make it easier to extend the streak in case your standard plan goes sideways. First is to learn what activites count for a Peloton streak. This includes:

  • Any Cycling class with a logged in account on the Bike or Bike+, including Warm ups/cool down
  • Any Running activity with a logged in account on the Tread, , including Warm ups/cool down
  • A “Just Ride” or “Just Run” activity on the Bike or Tread
  • Lane Break events, even of just 5 minutes
  • Any workout or stretching class on the bike OR through the App
  • Meditation classes on Peloton App
  • Outdoor (audio only) activities through the Peloton App

If you are using a shared Peloton, or traveling and at a hotel, just make sure to login to your account and when you do a class and it’ll extend the streak. The easiest way to keep a streak going is to pick a simple to do short class. You can game the system (some say cheat, but you’re only cheating yourself) but starting an activity on the app and just letting it play. A 5 minute app based meditation is the simplest thing to have run in the background, and you can even mute your mobile device.

To extend a streak in an honest (to yourself) way, it is helpful to join one of the workout programs. This will help you get reminder emails and put activities on your calendar that define a workout plan. If you are planning to train to improve your FTP on Peloton, or otherwise get in shape, then the streak is a handy side effect of staying active in your workout plan. You can also enable email and mobile notifications and get emails when you are at risk of stopping a streak. 

What Day Does A Peloton Week Start On?

The Peloton week operates from Monday through Sunday. This puts each weekend into a single week and means that if you are risking losing a streak then Sunday evening becomes the final opportunity to get a workout in for the week. 

peloton week starting on monday and running through following sunday

What is the Easiest Peloton Event to Keep a Daily Streak Going?

Beyond the weekly streak, Peloton streak badges also come in the daily version. There are badges for 3 day streak, 5 day, 7 day, 10 day, 20 day, 30 day, 45 day, and 60 day. This seems like a random assortment and some users lament the fact that longer streaks have no real reward, like a nice round 100 Day Peloton badge.

Our recommendation to keep a streak going is to get into the habit of doing a morning activity. This can be a wake up stretch or meditation, both of which will satisfy the requirements to log an activity. Doing things in the morning of course makes it easier to avoid accidentally missing an evening after a busy day, or having something like and injury or sickness come up mid-day that renders a night time activity unlikely.  

How Long Of A Peloton Weekly Streak Can You Have?

Maybe not surprisingly there is a limit to how long of a streak Peloton keeps track of. For daily badges it peaks out at 60 days. For weekly streak the limit is 208 weeks, or four years of weekly activities, that Peloton tracks before you simply wind up with the max. 

peloton weekly streaks limit