Add Peloton Rides To A Google Calendar

With so many things to keep track of in a busy life, scheduling a workout can help maintain a workout schedule. For organized classes, like those on a Peloton membership, adding planned events to a Google Calendar or iCal this can be difficult.

Peloton used to offer an option to automatically create a calendar event when singing up for a future class. Sadly, that is no longer available. There is no automatic way to add a Peloton class directly to a google or Apple calendar within the app. However this feature exists (at least sometimes) on the web. 

Peloton in app scheduling screen


We would love this feature to exist and plan to keep this article updated should they bring the option back.  For now you can select the share button from within the app, then open that link in a browser. 
Peloton add to calendar button from desktop

On the above screen you can see the red “Add to Calendar” button. It’s finally back on some pages although possibly might disappear again.

Still this is new in 2022 since it was dropped last year. Up till they rebuilt this the only way to create events was to jump through a number of hoops that allowed scripts to do all this same functionality. This GitHub project may still be useful if you are not yet seeing the option to natively add events. 

Get Calendar alerts for Peloton. 

All is not lost if you just want a reminder of a class and don’t see the option online. You can still manually add a calendar event to your primary calendar. 

If you do that, and then sign up for the class in the Peloton app- then you can get both a calendar alert and an app push notification reminding you of the activity. 

This fails to include the details of the ride in your primary calendar event though. If you like having this detail, including the instructor and name of the class, the easiest thing to do is simply copy that info from the Peloton card in the app and past the details into Google Calendar or Apple Calendar. 
Peloton schedule classes

Building out your personal schedule can be done directly in the app or on the web. 

Why You Should Schedule Peloton Rides

There are tons of reasons why scheduling a workout can be beneficial. Even more so for a service like Peloton that has a social aspect to it. 

Peloton does not have direct races, like Zwift does for challenging others, but no doubt the leaderboards become a competition for many riders. Scheduling and keeping to a live class gives real feedback live time of when riders are dropping power bombs and laying down some watts.

In time delayed classes there is still a leaderboard but the current output is more normalized and does not reflect the real power output profile of each rider. This means that sometimes you’ll “lose” more leaderboard positions during a hard or easy segment, just because the leaderboard is smoothing how hard people were actually pedaling. 

Another great reason to schedule a ride or class is to keep a Peloton streak going (we shared a guide to extending a Peloton streak in another article here). Since the week of a streak starts on Monday, scheduling a Sunday afternoon meditation will make it easy to extend a streak on a weekly basis.