Easy Batting Practice Recordings – Swing Perfect Review

Swing Perfect is a simple app that works for recording batting practice sessions. As a free app it is a great alternative to some of the more costly analysis options. The app itself makes it easy to analyze and improve your swing, although it leaves the exact mechanics and improvements up to you or a coach. If you want to see what the perfect baseball swing looks like in frame by frame, and compare it to how you swing then it is a great tool.
Swing perfect hitting app

Swing Perfect has a few things going for it, the first of which is that it is free. When it comes to training tools this is a huge benefit when looking at options like the VR based Winreality which requires a$300 headset, $30 accessory, and a monthly subscription of $30. It is also more accessible than sensor like Blast (check out our Blast softball swing analyzer review) which cost around $100.

The other thing the app has going for it is ease of use. As a hitting tool Swing Perfect does one thing well, management of videos. Setup takes less than 30 seconds, as all you have to do is place a phone on a stand facing the batter.

Swing Perfect Batting Stats

The best results of using Swing Perfect are seeing aggregated stats. While the app does not measure as many metrics as other tools, it does monitor the major ones including:

  • Exit Velocity
  • Launch Angle
  • Number of swings

These are all output metrics, so any changes you make to your swing that increase bat speed or change the bat path will not be reflected in the metrics.swing perfect launch angle and exit velocity clip

One thing to keep in mind when using a camera system is to keep the surrounding area clean. We found that the analysis of Swing Perfect would pick up other balls in the frame and then use them for calculation. This led to some serious exit velocity of over 250 mph, which is obviously unrealistic.

When it comes down to it a batting session of 30 minutes may only contain 60 total swings. The benefits of watching your swing and analyzing the movement is great, but there is a lot of down time and scrolling through this can be a hassle. Swing Perfect auto clips segments based on when it senses that a swing was taken. It cuts that segment and saves it to the app where you can share or view it frame by frame for analysis. This saves tons of time in reviewing film and creates shareable snippets that are easy to post or transfer to other players or coaches.

In our first session trying out the app we setup in the wrong position. The ideal spot is with a head on view of the batter, basically a shot taken from the opposite batters box. Instead we put the camera behind home plate, this allowed it to still sense and clip swings but resulted in terrible accuracy on the launch angle and exit velocity (which makes sense because the program was looking to measure totally different angles).

As an added bonus the developer of the app is very responsive. We submitted a small issue using the feedback form and within two weeks they replied saying to update to the latest version of the app because everything was fixed!

Other Apps for Tracking Batting Practice

If you want to check out other options see our review for using Rapsodo for hitting analysis or the top competitors HitTrax for batting. Both of these options are more expensive and significantly harder to get access to.

Setup for HitTrax and Rapsodo also takes much longer when compared to Swing Perfect, which only requires opening an app and pointing a phone at a batter. There is no need to calibrate anything intense, other than making sure the hitter is in frame.

For what they lack in accessibility and cost, HitTrax and Rapsodo make up for in stats and the user interface. We have had issues with the Swing Perfect app getting stuck on certain screens and having to force close things.

There are also no built in visualizations of stats or ball flight mapping. Once it leaves the image frame that is the end of the flight data. This lack of visualization extends to the editing options on videos, it would be useful to be able to sketch over a video image or to add notes and commentary to a clip. To do this with SwingPerfect the video must first be taken into another editing tool.