PÜL Hydration Review – A Smart Water Bottle to Stay Hydrated

We are no strangers here to using smart devices. Everything from tracking steps with a smart watch, monitoring long term VO2 max during training, and analyzing urine samples has been covered here. But when it comes down to it the two things that seem to have the biggest impact on general wellness are sleep and hydration. That is why, when a friend recently gifted us a PUL Smart Water bottle we were excited to try it out.

So what is the PUL smart water bottle. Technically the device is a smart water bottle CAP, although it comes with an attached bottle. The threads on the cap are generally universal though so you can swap that cap into a preferred larger or more stylish bottle. Either way the goal is the same, to track and monitor your daily intake of water in order to encourage proper hydration.

In terms of making habit forming changes to a daily routine, we found that the PUL bottle was one of the most effective smart devices we’ve tried. At the end of the day, that is why we use these smart devices, fitness trackers, and other tools. To try to find a way to sustainably improve personal wellness.

How the PUL Water Bottle Cap (and App) Works

The cap itself includes a simple sensor that measures how much liquid passes through the straw. By coupling that sensor with a bluetooth chip, the cap then sends that data to a smart phone app where it can track and log daily intake.

PUL’s app sets a daily goal for how much water to consume. It pairs with other fitness trackers to update this goal based on how much you workout (although it does not include other data like the weather where you are).

As a feedback mechanism the cap also contains a multi-colored LED that lights up throughout the day. If you are behind goal the cap will flash a pinkish red; ahead of schedule and it flashes a confirming blue. This keeps you from having to access the app, and the subtly hourly blinks are just enough of a nudge to encourage a sip mid day after staring at a screen for too long.

Like many other smart devices the water bottle auto links to Apple health. Many don’t know that both Google Health and Apple Health have areas for water under nutrition. For the most part this is because inputting data is such a pain. PÜL of course makes this automated.

The native PÜL app also has a simplified input for items other than water (you can even build it recurring drinks like a morning coffee). All this gets pulled into the health aggregators so you can track it in one place alongside steps, sleep, and everything else.

One of the things we like about hydration tracking is that you can do it only occasionally. There are no streaks around days above a target (unlike streaks for Peloton).

There are no monthly challenges tied to hydration intake. Since the benefits of being hydration can take effect so quickly (see the full benefits below), this means that missing a day won’t ruin a goal and discourage continued progress towards some hard to see goal.

Battery life of PÜL Hydration Cap

With any connected device there are two major drawbacks. The first is setup, which can be a pain but is generally great for PUL. The second is keeping a battery charged.

Overall the battery life on PÜL is well ahead of most other devices that are used daily. PUL at least does not shut off functionality if the battery does, it can still be used as a bottle top, the straw doesn’t simply stop working.

Typically the PÜL Hydration battery life is around one week. We’ve found that just charging on a Saturday morning for around 30-45 minutes is enough to last the week.

Even with a full week of charge the low battery warning will still come on. The great part is that unlike other devices which provide a 10% warning and then die 5 minutes later, PÜL low battery signal still allows plenty of time to finish out the day and charge in the evening. Practically speaking the only time the battery has run dead is when we lost the bottle in an extra backpack for two weeks, after which we needed to charge.

Benefits of staying hydrated – Spoiler: It effects everything!

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do for your health. While it may seem like a simple task, it can make a big difference in your overall health and wellbeing. Here are some of the benefits of staying hydrated that you may not have considered.

1. Improved Brain Function: Drinking plenty of water helps to ensure that your brain gets the necessary oxygen it needs to function properly. This can help to improve your memory, concentration, and overall cognitive performance. While some studies vary on this, a comprehensive summary of publications concluded that “cognitive abilities and mood states are positively influenced by water consumption” (source).

2. Increased Energy Levels: When you are hydrated, your body is more efficient at converting food into energy. This means that you will have more energy to get through the day. This is especially important when in hot environments (source).

3. Improved Digestion: Drinking plenty of water helps to keep your digestive system running smoothly. This can help to reduce the risk of constipation, bloating, and other digestive issues.

4. Weight Loss: Staying hydrated can help you to feel fuller for longer, which means you will be less likely to snack between meals. This can help to support weight loss efforts. Alternately many who begin weigh loss plans find that early benefits are negative as proper diet and hydration can lead to short term gains, keep this in mind when making any diet or hydration changes.

5. Improved Skin Health: When you are hydrated, your skin is better able to retain moisture, which helps to keep it looking healthy and glowing.

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