Amazon Halo Rise Sleep Tracking – A review from a Halo user

amazon halo rise sleep tracker on a black background

Amazon Halo Rise Sleep Tracking Accuracy The big question with any sleep tracker is related to its accuracy and how it measures sleep states. So how accurate is the Amazon Halo Rise for tracking sleep states? The answer is that it has the potential to be pretty good, especially compared to other techniques. The Halo … Read more

Sync a New GameChanger Team Schedule to Google Calendar and Apple Calendar

We participate in dozens of sports and activities throughout the course of the year, and keeping track of events can be a pain. Thankfully there are some great tools out there to help organize team sports and events that cut down on the management of schedules. One of the popular apps is GameChanger, which allows … Read more

Best Apps and To Plan Running Routes – Gmaps Pedometer vs. Strava vs OnTheGoMaps

OnTheGoMap and Gmaps Pedometer having trouble connecting a route

Google maps and Apple maps can be good for getting driving directions, but when planning a workout you often need more details. If you are running in a new town or park then driving directions with their efficient point to point navigation are a terrible way to plan out a run. Not only is it … Read more