Wellness Tracking Metrics Glossary

Vivoo wellness score

Keeping track of your wellness is a difficult task. Almost as difficult can be understanding what it all means. While we cover the details of measuring and tracking metrics here, as well as topics on staying active, knowing some terms and acronyms is helpful. Below is a list of terms and wellness metric acceptance that … Read more

Cornhole Glossary

Cornhole is growing in popularity and is a simple to play, yet difficult to master, game. With it’s sudden rise and the elite nature of top players, it comes with it’s own lingo. Not only is having the proper cornhole court dimensions critical to showing your statue, but mastering the game specific terminology will show … Read more

Cool Ways to Display Race Medals

box of race medals on display

For casual runners, cyclists, and triathletes it is common to enter dozens or even hundreds of different events over the years. Normally each race will have some sort of swag that they give away. While this often includes a race t-shirt, increasingly races are trying to differentiate themselves with other items including towels, bags, or … Read more