Cool Ways to Display Race Medals

box of race medals on display

For casual runners, cyclists, and triathletes it is common to enter dozens or even hundreds of different events over the years. Normally each race will have some sort of swag that they give away. While this often includes a race t-shirt, increasingly races are trying to differentiate themselves with other items including towels, bags, or … Read more

Best Apps and To Plan Running Routes – Gmaps Pedometer vs. Strava vs OnTheGoMaps

OnTheGoMap and Gmaps Pedometer having trouble connecting a route

Google maps and Apple maps can be good for getting driving directions, but when planning a workout you often need more details. If you are running in a new town or park then driving directions with their efficient point to point navigation are a terrible way to plan out a run. Not only is it … Read more

10 Great Places To Run In West LA – UCLA, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica’s Best Routes

UCLA sign and best runs in west Los angeles

One of the best way to explore a new city is to run it. However, when the city is as expansive as Los Angeles, with so many neighborhoods and geographical features, finding fun running routes can be tough.  Some folks rely on heat maps of Strava to know where popular routes are. Then again, popular … Read more

A Runners Favorite Gadget – Deep Tissue Massage vs Foam Roller

Deep tissue Massage gun with battery pack

As a distance running fan and avid cyclist, having sore legs is nothing new. Even though every trainer, coach, and running book says that foam rolling helps, it is difficult to make it part of a daily habit. At best it is a painful 10 minutes with limited immediate relief and questionable long term benefits. … Read more

OC Triathlon Review – An Annual Mission Viejo Lake Event (Update for 2023)

orange county triathlon logo

We have covered a number of triathlon related topics on this site, including how to train and pack for triathlons and even how to select a good one. While we fancy ourselves as triathletes, we recognize that our experience is limited given there are thousands of races across the globe. Having only competed in a … Read more

Intervals.Icu Review

intervals icu strava review

If you are the type of person who takes training seriously, then the out of the box activity trackers may not be enough for you. Especially if you are training across multiple sports. Or you are looking to maintain weekly totals of more than 5 hours, and hundreds of miles, then having aggregated details is … Read more

Finis Smart Swimming Goggles Review – Heads up Display Swim Goggles

finis ciye swim set tracking

As a triathlete, and former swimmer, getting into the pool is a both exciting and daunting. The idea of repeating intense swim sets and silently counting off strokes and laps brings with it a monotony that can be soothing or punishing. With the advent of tracking and training tools the reward for getting in the … Read more