Calendar for Personal Wellness Holdiays

Many people focus on personal wellness at the turn of the year, on their birthday, or even just every Monday. But fitness and wellness is a year round endeavor, it is a lifestyle. Thankfully there are plenty of days to encourage wellness throughout the year.

This is a calendar of major personal wellness holidays and occasions. Each of these can be a way to focus a wellness challenge, or theme an activity. If you are setting up a workplace wellness Challenge or just looking to find out what related holidays are during this time, check the list below.


National Glaucoma Awareness Month


American Heart Month What better time to see if your favorite wearable is monitoring your heart rate and heart rate variability (review).


Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month A great time to checkout some of the at home screening kits, including the ones from LetsGetCheck (review) and Everlywell (review)

National Nutrition Month The perfect time to check out apps like MyFitnessPal (review) to see how your macros and nutrients are doing.

National Sleep Awareness Month


Blood Pressure Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month


National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

National High Blood Pressure Awareness Month

National Drink Water Week

Employee Health and Fitness Month

National Bike Month

National Food Allergy Awareness Month


1st – Global Running Day

11th – Family Health and Fitness Day


Park and Recreation Month


National Immunization Awareness Month


Healthy Aging Month


Health Literacy Month


National Healthy Skin Month


National Handwashing Awareness Month

HIV/AIDS Awareness Month

3rd – International Day of Persons with Disabilities

12th – International Universal Health Coverage Day