The Best Athleisure Clothes for Dad

This site is filled with training activities, tracking wearables, and apps for staying active but we are also practical. As a father of active kids as well you never know when you’ll need to help coach a soccer team or jump into a bounce house.  For that level of adaptability your daily wardrobe needs to be ready.

Athleisure clothes have made a rise in the last few years, led in part by Lululemon.  They are far from the only option though. Here are some of the best options we’ve found for various types of activities. Each of the items below we have personally worn and consider to be a staple in our Dad closet.

  • Best Dad Shorts With Versatility for Swimming
  • Our Favorite All Weather Shirt Options
  • Nice Kicks to Avoid The New Balance Dad Stereotype
  • Active Wear Pants that Beat Sweats
  • A Go To Jacket for Most Temperatures
  • Hats That Look Good Without Over The Top Logos

Best Dad Shorts With Versatility for Swimming

A go-to joke in our family is that guys are always wearing a swim suit, since any pair of shorts can get wet. A washing machine batters shorts more than a dip in a pool, but it is still nice to have a shorts option that is made for swimming.

Lululemon pace breaker shorts review

There are two standard shorts in our closet, Vuori and Lululemon. While Vuori are great for everyday wear the liner on them captures more water than necessary. The Lululemon pacebreaker shorts on the other hand are ideal for getting sweaty or diving in a pool.

Our Favorite All Weather Shirt Options

There is no question about it, the most versatile types of shirts in our closet are lightweight hooded style long sleeve options. These come in a variety of fabrics, including Luon, Bamboo, (like the Tasc and Lululemon ones reviewed here) and every variation of cotton that standard t-shirts do.

tasc carrolton hoodie review in green

The best part about this shirt is that it can shift between activities and climates with ease. Hoods and long sleeves ensure sun protection while the light weight nature makes them viable even on summer days. Again since they are light weight it’s easy to layer these as well as the weather gets colder.

Nice Kicks to Avoid The New Balance Dad Stereotype

Jokes about basic dads wearing lack luster New Balance shoes are popular memes, but your footwear does not have to be so prescriptive. One of the easiest ways to class up any outfit or make sure that athleisure wear transitions to fancier settings is to complement it with the right shoes.

SNKRS app is our go to favorite app for keeping track of new Nike based releases. The options on the app vary widely but include tons of great options for great kicks.

Active Wear Pants that Beat Sweats

Sometimes sweat pants just do not cut it, but a nice pair of joggers or active wear pants are still one of the most versatile pieces to have int he closet.

A Go To Jacket for Most Temperatures

There is no doubt that our favorite active wear jacket is the zip up Lululemon one that we reviewed before. The jacket is heavy enough to keep warm for even the coldest of Southern California winter days, classy enough to throw over a business casual outfit, and comfortable enough to toss on over a soccer uniform.

lululemon black city sweat full zip hoodie

Hats That Look Good Without Over The Top Logos

Nothing says, I don’t have time for that, quite like throwing a hat over some uncombed hair. This is a staple of the dad life and finding a reliable set of hats is key. One consideration though is if the hat fits in for the occasion. We have found that running between games, activities, and events leaves it hard to wear an appropriate hat for all occasions.

The best solution found thus far is to grab a neutral but stylish hat. Something hat avoid logos, since the popular “Someone give me a beer” hat can feel out of place at the wrong party, while showing up to a little league game sporting the hat of the opposing team can lead to awkward interactions. melin hat review

Our favorite hat for all occasions is a simple, water resistant grey hat. We reviewed the Melin hats in the past and can speak highly of them. At the same time, finding a similar design these days is not that hard. If you are looking to outfit a dad who wears hats, then for Father’s day or a gift pick up one of these styles.