Customize A Google Sheet For New Years Resolutions

Tracking your personal accomplishments and wellness comes in many forms. This site has covered many apps and connected devices that help do that. But sometimes a simple solution is better. 

One of the easiest ways to track your wellness is with a simple notebook. A simple wellness tracking Google sheet takes the old pen and paper to the next level. The best part is that you can customize it to your needs.

Google sheets inputs lets you manipulate and share your tracking with coaches or friends. It also makes it easy to produce great charts that show progress over time. Done correctly you can see how you are tracking to goals by highlighting cells dynamically, and share your personal wellness success with a beautiful chart.

Having a wellness sheet doesn’t have to be complicated. A few labeled rows and a quick link to the sheet from your smartphone home makes a Google sheet wellness solution as powerful and customizable as many of the top apps.

Set up a Google Sheet for Tracking New Years Resolutions and Annual Goals

Many people use the new year as a way to make wellness resolutions. Most indications are that tracking your resolutions helps keep them. We prefer to focus on resolutions that can be defined as measurable goals.

Want to be more active? Make a goal to walk 500 miles in the year. Although this may sound like a large goal, when broken down to a daily level all it means is “build a habit to walk an average of 1.4miles per day”. That seems much more reasonable.

The Google sheet shared here is a template to track a handful of large goals that are setup as a total volume in a year. 

Wellness tracker Google sheet

All of these full year annual can be daunting. But the ebbs and flows of a year can be normalized when looking at the big picture. This is why having a “pace needed” column in the sheet is great. A goal of 20,000 pushups is just 55 a day. While this may sound like a lot it can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Visualize Resolution Progress with A Chart

Maybe you start off strong, but soon realize the pace is unsustainable. That’s ok! This wellness tracking sheet shows how far ahead of pace you are and how much you have banked! This is when a chart can be super helpful. Just like using Excel, a chart input is a default option within sheets.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is never more true than when telling the story of a wellness journey. We showcased this in a separate article that focused on more than what a scale said, where the trend over time makes more of an impact than any one reading. 

The chart here shows how a 2020 goal started out very strong. The trend flattened out, oddly right around the time of the pandemic, with minimal progress for a few months. The trend picked back up a few months later and kept pace (thanks to the Pace Needed column) with the goal for the second half of the year. 

Chart a New Years resolution in Google sheets

It’s clear that at some point in the year the motivation was reduced. Seeing that you are only slightly behind (or even still ahead of) your big goal after taking two weeks off can be the perfect spark of motivation.

Save A Google Sheet To Your Phone Home Screen

Each spreadsheet is hosted online and has it’s own custom link. By saving that link you can create a simple shortcut on your smartphone. Then each day, instead of checking social media one extra time, just open the link and log a single line. 

With the date already in the sheet all it takes to track an annual goal, like “do 20000 pushups in a year” is to fill out a single cell. The sheet will calculate the rest for you! 

Maximizing Google Sheets For Goal Tracking

Using something like the sheet shared above can be very simple. But if you want to optimize even more you can checkout our Complete Guide To Google Sheets for Workouts