Finis Smart Swimming Goggles Review – Heads up Display Swim Goggles

finis ciye swim set tracking

As a triathlete, and former swimmer, getting into the pool is a both exciting and daunting. The idea of repeating intense swim sets and silently counting off strokes and laps brings with it a monotony that can be soothing or punishing. With the advent of tracking and training tools the reward for getting in the … Read more

Peloton Lanebreak vs. Classes

man riding a peloton bike in a bedroom or hotel

Recently Peloton released their new gaming options to all users. Lanebreak, or Lane Break, is a series of “music inspired workouts” that incorporate simple gaming and point collection into short 5-25 minute rides. The rides use your cadence, or pedal speed, and resistance as controllers to a multi-lane virtual riding course. Over the course of … Read more