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Everlywell Food Sensitivity Review – Proactive Health Improvements

When monitoring wellness there are a few key things to voice on. Hydration and sleep are two major components that have loads of benefits to getting the right amount- and the other major component is what you eat. For some outcomes it is simply how much you eat. For others it is WHAT you eat.

Beyond simply getting the right balance of macros nutrients and micro nutrients, there are loads of other things to consider. The food sensitivity test can reveal what items may be causing you more harm than good. Everlywell food sensitivity tests for nearly 100 different foods. Although it is not able to totally diagnose allergies, the test kits can provide a narrow window on what foods to focus on. Items which you have a high sensitivity to can cause excessive bloating, swelling, digestive issues and more. For some people simply avoiding a handful of common foods can have a huge impact on their overall wellness. 

Taking the Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test

The kit is designed to be used at home, then sent in to a lab for testing. Food sensitivity requires a blood test and Everlywell has designed a finger prick that is easy to do at home. For the price, around $60, this is a great option compared to or in conjunction with seeing an allergist. Even if you have never suspected allergies, the ease of taking the test may reveal some great insights. In total the tests look for sensitivity to 96 total foods. 

After pricking they finger one time, all you have to do to complete the food sensitivity test is squeeze a few drops of blood into spots on the card.

Does it hurt to take a Everlywell finger prick? Not really, the finger prick is so quick that there is minimal pain, really it feels like a small pinch. If you have ever had a paper cut before than you have dealt with much worse than what the finger stick for a good sensitivity test will cause. 
Everlywell food sensitivity kit

What To Do With Food Sensitivity Results

With any wellness test or data, the real question is what action can you take based on the insights or results. For a good sensitivity test the best results are ones that allow you to alter a diet in order to feel better. Because Everlywell is not fully diagnostic, the recommended outcome is to start on an elimination diet.

With an elimination diet you cut out nearly all risky items, then add them back slowly. If you only have one or two high sensitivity items this can be very easy. For results that turn up dozens of sensitivities this might be impractical. everlywell food sensitivity for garlic

Either way, there is a good chance that one of two categories will jump out at you. Well there is potential for bias based on the knowledge, if you realize that after eating one item there is a linked symptom then having the results can make it easy to avoid or dial back on dishes that include the problematic item.

Personally after seeing a mild sensitivity to garlic and eggs all that was required was cutting them out the daily routine (switching to oatmeal daily vs eggs on a regular basis). Coupled with a lot of other diet tracking this led to feeling much better and in control. The same anecdotes come from others who have take an Everlywell Food sensitivity test. 

The test includes foods in all major categories including Dairy, Eggs, Fruit, Grain, Legumes, Meat, Seafood, Seeds, Nuts, Vegetables, and Spices. Even if you can not eliminate all sensitivities from your diet it may be possible to drop a whole category. Find out that you have a number of meat sensitivities and it may be time to try a vegetarian diet for a month. Similarly, if there are a number of dairy and lactose issues you can look to switch to lactose free milks or generally cut down dairy. Do not worry, there are still some delicious lactose free ice creams and dairy replacement options. 

Registering an Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test

Unlike some of their other test, Everlywell good sensitivity is for a wide variety of people. Unless you are pregnant or under 18, the food sensitivity test can be taken. This is better than the Colon screening, which requires you to be over 45, and leads to much more serious matters. 

Registering the food screening kit is simple. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the test and link it to your account. From there the directions show you how to send in the test. The results are also linked to your account and can be accessed at anytime. This is great if you want to share them with a doctor, dietician, or allergy specialist to help get the most information out of the test. 


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Food sensitivity is just one of the many tests that Everlywell offers over the counter. There are subscription options to make the most of their tests, or you can buy them one off to get more insights about your health. If you are over 45, check out the FIT Colon Cancer Screener by Everlywell. We continue to cover more of these tests over time.

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