Amazon Halo Rise Sleep Tracking – A review from a Halo user

Amazon Halo Rise Sleep Tracking Accuracy

The big question with any sleep tracker is related to its accuracy and how it measures sleep states. So how accurate is the Amazon Halo Rise for tracking sleep states? The answer is that it has the potential to be pretty good, especially compared to other techniques. The Halo Rise uses a radar device, you can read more about the details in their science blog, which does presence detection as well as movement at a fine level that can be used to detect respiration rates. Other wearables wind up looking at heart rate and movement directly, while passive monitors simply make estimates based on how you are using other non-monitoring devices.

Halo Rise also has a partner product, the wearable Halo bands. We reviewed how the Halo bands compare to other wrist worn trackers when it comes to monitoring sleep. Still, the idea of having to charge a wearable so that it can be worn 24 hours causes some logistical challenges. If you simply prefer not to wear anything while sleep then the Rise clock best compares to other non-wearable monitoring solutions.

Certainly in that respect the inclusion of sensors which monitor actual sleep are better than things like the Apple sleep estimates which simply assume that you are sleeping during normal hours unless you wind up activating your phone. This clearly does not account for any middle of the night wakes that do not involve grabbing your phone – a big miss since most great sleep recommendations include notes not to use devices prior to or during sleep times.

amazon halo rise sleep tracker on a black background

Is Amazon Halo Rise Worth It?

Comparing the Amazon Halo Rise to other products it is best to understand what it is. Although it carries the Halo name, and can be compared to wearables that track sleep, for the most part it functions as an alarm clock. In this category the Halo rise can only be viewed as a VERY high priced alarm clock. Although it will no doubt be on sale, the starting price of $139.99 is way more than other alarm clock options.

If you just want a simple sunrise style alarm clock in a similar form those can be as cheap as much as $100 less than the Halo rise. If you want more functionality out of your alarm clock even the Amazon line of Echo products are significantly less expensive with clock enabled Echo dots routinely available for under $50.

To make the Rise worth the price you must be interested in the sleep tracking features, and in order to take advantage of the full range of those features you will need the $3.99 a month fee. If you already enjoy the Amazon Halo wrist worn devices but find it problematic to sleep with a bracelet on, or wind up having trouble charging your wearable on a regular basis, then the Halo Rise may be worth the cost of purchase plus subscription.

Will Amazon Halo Rise Help You Sleep Smarter?

A major short coming of wearables and personal wellness tracking devices is that they do not offer feedback on how to improve things. In short, the Rise will not do anything to help you sleep better, unless you take action.

Included in the purchase though is a 6 month trial of the Halo Subscription. That subscription includes information, lessons, and tips to find out how to interpret the sleep data that the Rise clock or Halo bands collect. If you take advantage of this you can make great progress in changing habits that lead to poor sleep, and the 6 months should be more than sufficient to develop new habits.

Halo Rise Clock for Sleep Tracking and The Rest of Halo Subscription

We have previously reviewed a number of features of the Halo wearable bands and the Halo Subscription. Personally we still use the Apple Watch on a daily basis, but especially when going on trips will wind up preferring the Halo bands which tend to have a longer battery life.

When it comes to step tracking and functioning as a wearable the Halo bands do a great job even without the added subscription. The accuracy of the Halo bands are pretty good, or at least are consistent.

For users who do snag the Halo Rise, or otherwise sign up for the $3.99 Halo Subscription, they also gain access to the body composition measurement.