10 Great Places To Run In West LA – UCLA, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica’s Best Routes

UCLA sign and best runs in west Los angeles

One of the best way to explore a new city is to run it. However, when the city is as expansive as Los Angeles, with so many neighborhoods and geographical features, finding fun running routes can be tough.  Some folks rely on heat maps of Strava to know where popular routes are. Then again, popular … Read more

A Runners Favorite Gadget – Deep Tissue Massage vs Foam Roller

Deep tissue Massage gun with battery pack

As a distance running fan and avid cyclist, having sore legs is nothing new. Even though every trainer, coach, and running book says that foam rolling helps, it is difficult to make it part of a daily habit. At best it is a painful 10 minutes with limited immediate relief and questionable long term benefits. … Read more

Statshunter Review – Maximizing Strava Activity Data For Free

statshunter badge list

If you have been a Strava user for some time then you likely have a small mountain of useful workout data locked up on the platform. While Strava does a good job of displaying this data, and Strava Premium Subscription extends this, there are still some ways to display data that simply do not make … Read more

Is Strava Premium Worth The Money – For Cyclists, Runners, and Athletes

strava premium is it worth it

There is a free version of Strava with plenty of great usability, but for full access to their slate of features a Strava Premium Subscription is required. The service is an annual subscription which is available for $60/year, or $5/month. If you want to get Strava even cheaper you’ll need to either be a student … Read more