Finis Smart Swimming Goggles Review – Heads up Display Swim Goggles

finis ciye swim set tracking

As a triathlete, and former swimmer, getting into the pool is a both exciting and daunting. The idea of repeating intense swim sets and silently counting off strokes and laps brings with it a monotony that can be soothing or punishing. With the advent of tracking and training tools the reward for getting in the … Read more

Our Interval Timer App Recommendation – A Seconds Interval Timer Review

seconds interval timer app screen

When training for a triathlon most plans have a few strength workouts per week. While there are a variety of setups for these workouts, we’ve always found some combination of exercises to personally fit best. To personalize these it’s possible to just remember each or write down a short list, but using a good app … Read more

Using a Hangboard vs Pull Up Bar For Training

hang board with carabiner and rope

Many sites review bikes, shoes, and wetsuits but this series of reviews for some of the not so common accessories that we have found useful when training for a triathlon. Each article in the series aims to find unique ways to break up the monotony of training recovery a triathlon. Check out the others in … Read more