Wattsboard Review – Get The Most From Strava and Your Power Meter

wattsboard dashboard

  If you are a cyclist who is looking to get the most out of your activity data, then finding extensions for Strava is important. We have covered popular Strava add-ons before and each one is designed for different users. Thankfully because cycling is such a popular sport many of the extensions are built specifically … Read more

Intervals.Icu Review

intervals icu strava review

If you are the type of person who takes training seriously, then the out of the box activity trackers may not be enough for you. Especially if you are training across multiple sports. Or you are looking to maintain weekly totals of more than 5 hours, and hundreds of miles, then having aggregated details is … Read more

Activity Tracking For Spartan Race and Obstacle Course Races

Spartan race finish at angels stadium

Since the late 90s Obstacle Course races have been growing in popularity. The pandemic put a halt to them, as it did for most other live events, but they are back on now. Participants have enjoyed them for the unique challenge they provide, the group aspect of many races, as well as the marketing budgets … Read more

How Much Is Strava Worth? A leading platform for athletes.

strava partner challenges

Business Model Strava is one of the most popular fitness platforms around. With a self reported 95 million Athletes (Strava refers to all their users as Athletes) on the platform they dwarf platforms like Peloton (reported ~6M users). Even popular devices like Fitbit, which depending on who you believe have around 80M registered users, are … Read more