The Complete Apple Watch Guide to Understanding The Quantified Self

daily rings on apple watch

What is the Quantified Self? The term quantified self was popular in the mid 2010s as a way of describing metrics that you can track about your body and life. There are dozens of types of sensors, tools, and gadgets that can be used to contribute to the idea of a quantified self including low … Read more

Blast Softball Review from Little League to Mens League

blast motion sensor on charging stand

When working through the world of softball hitting there is no shortage of coaches tips, methods, and “best practices” to try, but many of these methods lack a real measure of if they work. It can take a full season to see the impact to your batting average from just a mild change so it’s … Read more

Maximize OnTheGoMap for Finding Run Distances and Route Planning

onthegomap for NYC highline route vs a strava heat map of the city

Want to answer the question “How Far Did I Run” or plan out a new route for a run, walk, or hike. If so you have likely found On The Go Map or other similar services. The idea behind these types of app is that you should be able to just click points on Google … Read more

Easy Batting Practice Recordings – Swing Perfect Review

Swing perfect hitting app

Swing Perfect is a simple app that works for recording batting practice sessions. As a free app it is a great alternative to some of the more costly analysis options. The app itself makes it easy to analyze and improve your swing, although it leaves the exact mechanics and improvements up to you or a … Read more

Hydration Backpacks vs. Running Vests – Which To Wear

hand held water bottle for running

Recently our tried and true running vest broke down. After years of use, and lots of time sitting in a hot garage drying out from sweat, mud, and rain, the material finally broke down and ripped apart. With the average summer temperatures easily in the mid 80s, and most of our mid-day runs cresting over … Read more

Google Fit Vs Apple Health Kit – A Google Fit Review

google fit vs. apple health kit

Tracking your health and consolidating activity data can be a pain. Thankfully the major mobile device makers have each provided a solution. Those top trackers are Google Fit, Apple Health, and Samsung Health. Each of these primarily starts as a step and activity tracker on their primary device, but by diving into the details and … Read more

HitTrax Baseball Hitting Statistics – A Review

Hitting tips - side by side of two batters finishing a swing

There is something simple and rewarding about taking batting practice. It is easy to over complicate things with training tools and random drills, but nothing beats just measuring what happens on a normal swing. This is why statistics gatherers like Rapsodo and HitTrax are gaining popularity for players from little leagues to the majors. Simple … Read more