Amazon Halo Review – Tracking Steps, Sleep, and More

Amazon Halo Band On white background

Many options exist when trying to select the best daily wearable for step tracking and other wellness tracking. Each of the major tech companies now offers some form of their own wearable, including Amazon. There version is the Amazon Halo Band and Amazon View bands. While Amazon Halo Band compares well to the FitBit and … Read more

Hitting with Rapsodo – Stats for Baseball Batting Practice

Rapsodo hitting location field chart

It is no secret that player statistics are part of baseball. The idea of tracking and analyzing stats made mainstream news a few years ago with the release of Moneyball. While Moneyball covered the idea of output statistics, runs, hits, walks, there are input statistics as well. Input statistics are things that you can control. … Read more

A Runners Favorite Gadget – Deep Tissue Massage vs Foam Roller

Deep tissue Massage gun with battery pack

As a distance running fan and avid cyclist, having sore legs is nothing new. Even though every trainer, coach, and running book says that foam rolling helps, it is difficult to make it part of a daily habit. At best it is a painful 10 minutes with limited immediate relief and questionable long term benefits. … Read more

Statshunter Review – Maximizing Strava Activity Data For Free

statshunter badge list

If you have been a Strava user for some time then you likely have a small mountain of useful workout data locked up on the platform. While Strava does a good job of displaying this data, and Strava Premium Subscription extends this, there are still some ways to display data that simply do not make … Read more

Strava Training Plans Review for Runners and Cyclists

strava logo and training plans review

One of the added benefits of tracking data is to use it not just for analysis, but for planning how to improve or build a training plan. So, Does Strava Have Training Plans? Yes! Strava, the leading fitness and athlete tracker, has integrated training plans available for runners and cyclists. Each of the training plans … Read more

Wattsboard Review – Get The Most From Strava and Your Power Meter

wattsboard dashboard

  If you are a cyclist who is looking to get the most out of your activity data, then finding extensions for Strava is important. We have covered popular Strava add-ons before and each one is designed for different users. Thankfully because cycling is such a popular sport many of the extensions are built specifically … Read more

Track Tennis on Apple Watch – SwingVision Tennis Stats Review

swingvision serving practice session screen capture

We cover a lot of activities here, most are related to wrist worn fitness trackers. But sometimes the wrist worn device is not entirely enough. That is the case for Tennis, and pretty much any sport with technique coaching, where the addition of a camera can make a huge difference. Can Apple Watch Measure Tennis … Read more