Activity Tracking For Spartan Race and Obstacle Course Races

Spartan race finish at angels stadium

Since the late 90s Obstacle Course races have been growing in popularity. The pandemic put a halt to them, as it did for most other live events, but they are back on now. Participants have enjoyed them for the unique challenge they provide, the group aspect of many races, as well as the marketing budgets … Read more

Paddle Logger Review – Tracking SUP with Apps

Paddle logger trackers workout

We love tracking different activities here, and Stand Up Paddle Boarding is no different. SUPing can be a phenomenal workout or a leisurely paddle around a small lake. But anytime you are doing an activity including water, choosing the best way to track it has new questions. Here are a few, along with a review … Read more

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Review – Proactive Health Improvements

Everlywell food sensitivity kit

When monitoring wellness there are a few key things to voice on. Hydration and sleep are two major components that have loads of benefits to getting the right amount- and the other major component is what you eat. For some outcomes it is simply how much you eat. For others it is WHAT you eat. … Read more

Finis Smart Swimming Goggles Review – Heads up Display Swim Goggles

finis ciye swim set tracking

As a triathlete, and former swimmer, getting into the pool is a both exciting and daunting. The idea of repeating intense swim sets and silently counting off strokes and laps brings with it a monotony that can be soothing or punishing. With the advent of tracking and training tools the reward for getting in the … Read more

Peloton Lanebreak vs. Classes

man riding a peloton bike in a bedroom or hotel

Recently Peloton released their new gaming options to all users. Lanebreak, or Lane Break, is a series of “music inspired workouts” that incorporate simple gaming and point collection into short 5-25 minute rides. The rides use your cadence, or pedal speed, and resistance as controllers to a multi-lane virtual riding course. Over the course of … Read more