Withings BPM Connect Review – Smart Blood Pressure Cuff

BPM connect blood pressure cuff

The ability to get accurate readings from any connected tracker is critical, especially so for one of your vital statistics. If you have ever gotten your blood pressure taken in a “traditional fashion”, with a health professional quietly listening to  stethoscope of your arm while watching a dial on a manual arm pump drop, you’ll … Read more

Accuracy of Apple Watch Vs Amazon Halo Step Count

30k day of step tracking

We make a big deal out of finding the accuracy of the metrics that fitness trackers are monitoring. It seems only right if you are going to take some action, or allow a tracker to dictate your activity, that the outputs it provides are both consistent and reliable. For metrics like VO2 max accuracy this … Read more

Avoid duplication of stats when using multiple health trackers

Having a central place, a health dashboard, helps to understand information from fitness and health trackers. For most users there are a number of apps or resources they use to monitor health. Often each is for a specific primary stat, say steps taken, but might also monitor other data. Duplication of stats can make dashboards … Read more

Apple Watch Elevation Gain – Setup for Hill Repeats and Altitude Training

apple watch setting to choose stats to show

How to setup Apple Watch to show elevation gained in real time? For runners or enthusiasts who want to get stronger legs, doing hilly runs is a great option. Many runners also find themselves at times training for a race, either a trail race or road race, that has significant hills. This can leave folks … Read more

Vessel Health Review – At Home Tests for Nutrition, Hydration, and Wellness

Unboxing Vessel Health

The App and Daily Pee Test with 3 Minute Results – A Full Review Vessel Health is a wellness company that uses at home urine tests to provide insights into diet, nutrition, and performance. They focus on recommendations for supplements and personalized nutrition plans that can be used to influence markers that appear in pee … Read more

Finding Your Calories Burned Estimate With Metabolic Rate Testing

resting metabolic rate chart

Caloric Deficits and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Test Accuracy There is a common concept in weight management that “calories are calories”. Beyond getting core nutrients, this is true. But that is for the calories in portions of things and is only one side of the calories in calories out equation. When it comes to burning … Read more

Measuring More Than What The Scale Says – Apps and Tools for Tracking Health

Chart showing two months of weight loss

  Tracking for Personal Wellness While I have always been active and generally healthy, I can honestly say that as a guy in my mid-30s my health was never a top priority. Over the years I have run half marathons, competed in triathlons, completed obstacle course races, and even taken part in some adult football, … Read more